Learning to set boundaries and say no

Learning to set boundaries and say no

Learning to set boundaries and say no

An important lesson I learned in my 20’s was that I needed to stop supporting people blindly, because I used to see them for their ‘potential’ rather than for what they truly were. This was a tough one for me because for a long time I used to believe that since I changed my ways, anyone was able to change.. And this belief system affected the decisions I was making with regards to who I was giving access for my time and energy. 


Eventually I realized that I changed because I committed to change and started taking action with the following:


  • I read self development books and other material like audiobooks, videos etc
  • Worked on myself
  • Went to therapy
  • Surrounded myself with people who wanted to change and grow like I was doing 
  • Started taking care of myself better through good nutrition and exercise
  • Dedicated time for service to help others grow 


This has become a lifestyle for me. And I understand that it’s a considerable commitment for most – it was for me too. This being said, looking back I am very grateful for seeing the value in taking such action. The values and life skills that I learned are the foundation upon which I am building my life today. 


With this I would like to encourage you to start loving yourself more and stop wasting your time with people who don’t deserve it. I am not saying not to give people a second chance because I was the first one to be given a second chance in life, and I will always be grateful to these people for that. But if the people around us show us their true colors once, twice, three times.. Let’s do ourselves a favor and believe them. This will most certainly save us lots of pain and heartache.  Instead we can use this energy to heal those parts in ourselves which attracted such people into our lives in the first place. 


Invest in yourself, as you are the best investment you can ever make.


And learn to set boundaries even (and especially) with family members. Let’s learn to love and protect ourselves and learn to create safe spaces for our relationships to flourish. This is an essential skill that everyone needs to learn to live a happy and fulfilling life. 


The power of self-confidence


A good point to start is to ask ourselves some questions (like always). This will help us understand better our belief system and our motivations for doing things the way we do them. Have you been thinking of ways to grow your confidence? Do you  feel that fear has taken over a huge part of your life and is holding  you back from living your true purpose? Do you want to shake all  that fear and have unstoppable confidence that will leave people  in awe of you?


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