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How to Master your mind

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80% of people will have failed their New Years resolution by February. These fears and failures happen to everyone. But you are different in that you can change all of it, provided you decide to put in the effort. It all comes down to growing your mind and getting out of a fixed mindset. I’ve created a new course called: "Master your mind” – How To Get Out of a Fixed Mindset and Master your mind.
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Course Curriculum

Brief overview and intro questions

  • Congrats and welcome to this course!

Chapter 1 – Understanding your mind

Chapter 2 – How to develop mental strength

Chapter 3 – Best Practices for Serious Mental Development

Chapter 4 – The Subconscious Mind and Self-Programming Strategies

Chapter 5 – Law of Attraction v Shadow Work

Chapter 6 – Creativity and Imagination as Tools for Development

Chapter 7 – Immersion in Different Fields

Chapter 8 – Understanding Alternative Frameworks


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  • A digital course in the form of a google doc.
  • People who want to want to learn different ways to master their life.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside this course:

  • You will understand the mind and its tendencies better, meaning you will understand yourself better.
  • You can get a grip on your subconscious and how to program it for success.
  • You will be shown the proven techniques used to develop mental strength.
  • You will see the benefits of minimalism.
  • You will discover things about the Law of Attraction that you never heard before.
  • You will find out whether to use the Law of Attraction or Shadow Psychology to better yourself.
  • The number #1 technique for mastery will be revealed.
  • Understand how to use creativity and imagination to manifest a better life
  • Delve deeply into your own subconscious mind using creative strategies.
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