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Become The Best Version Of YOU

Course Curriculum


  • Intro
  • Resources Cheat Sheet

Chapter 1 – Being Yourself

Chapter 2 – Projecting yourself

Chapter 3 – Learning your triggers

Chapter 4 – Knocking down your barriers

Chapter 5 – Create boundaries

Chapter 6 – Increase your self confidence and self esteem

Chapter 7 – Connecting with your authenticity

Chapter 8 – Reconnecting with your inner child

Chapter 9 – Tame your inner voice

Chapter 10 – Increase your self-awareness


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  • A commitment to be consistent and take the necessary steps to move into a better version of yourself.
  • Anyone who wants to grow and fulfil their potential.
  • To envision yourself in the best/highest version of yourself;
  • Uncover limiting beliefs and reprogram your subconscious to achieve what your want;
  • How you can assess yourself and various spheres of your life to get a better sense of how aligned you are with your true self;
  • How you can benefit from embracing new behaviors and introduce changes in your relationships;
  • Why it is so vital for you to practice healthy boundaries;
  • 5 emotional wounds that lead to living a lie and how you can identify them in you;
  • What emotional projection is and how you can be aware of them to heal your emotional wounds;
  • To identify your emotional triggers and how you can stop emotions from controlling how you feel;
  • What your feelings tell you about your internal reality;
  • What are the psychological barriers that prevent you from being the best version of yourself;
  • To assess your self-esteem and identify ways to improve it;
  • How you can connect to your authentic self and what are the benefits to do so;
  • How you can reconnect to your inner child and live a life that is more aligned with your truth;
  • 5 ways you can practice healthy boundaries in your life and relationships;
  • Practical ways to live your best life and be the best version of yourself in all areas of your life;
  • How you can be more self-aware and improve on your self-talk;
  • Over 50 additional resources that will deepen your knowledge on how to be the best version of yourself